January 8, 2008

My 100th Blog

Its not going to be a list about me. I'll do one later. I've tried twice to compile one and the first one was soooo sad about my childhood, I didn't know if I was sharing too many details and I didn't want to depress anyone and the second one I just couldn't list 100 things. I'm sorry. Maybe later.

I joined Weight Watchers on Monday night. I didn't want to. I have a good friend who needed me, and I needed to join but the desire wasn't there. I complained the entire time. I'm use to eating low carb but that obviously hasn't worked for me. I'm not obsessed over my weight. Actually I'm quite fine with my size. I do have a nice wardrobe after all these years! I know I would feel better and I also know I have not always been my size. I'm concerned with my health some...more for Tony's honestly and I'm hoping if I can put forth effort it may inspire him.

Well tonight I watched Biggest Loser at my mom's house. (Since we do not have television) Man I got excited! It was so encouraging! Seeing how hard they all were trying to lose and all of the exercise they were doing. It really really touched me. The realization of how unhealthy my eating habits are and what I'm teaching my children that its ok to eat. I'm ready now. I just hope and pray that I have endurance and self control.

I made it today and actually so did my middle daughter Sky. She is doing a modified version with me and I am very proud of her. She isn't doing this so much for diet but to learn about fat, carbs, calories, fiber and portions. This week our goal is not going over our points. Next week I'd like to add some exercise. We are drinking our water too. I plan to do some before and after pictures soon.


annie said...

I watched biggest loser too! I find that show very motivating too! My mom lost about 40 pounds on ww and has kept it off for years and years. She eats pretty much what she wants now but is conscious of her points and has them memorized! I need to get more disciplined! We are doing a fast this week and I am trying not to focus on the weight aspect of not eating (which honestly is hard for me). Next week I hope to get my thinking cap on about weight! I did decide to drastically reduce the amount of sugar I take in! (I even stopped drinking coke! yikes :o)
Blessings to you Jenileigh!

Penless Thoughts said...

Good for you Jenileigh.

Rachel said...

I lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers and I've never lost any on any other diet. To me, even if you don't lose weight, learning about healthy habits is worth the cost....good luck!

Lisa said...

You go Jenileigh! You can do it. Keep yourself encouraged. You'll have days where you do much better than others and days you feel you can do it and other days you feel you can't.

Pay no mind to the down days and just keep at it.

Way to go!