January 9, 2008

My Father's World 1st (first update)

We are moving right along in the My Father's World Unit Study. Although somehow not as far along as I wished we were. We finally got to the point of illustrating Meadow's Bible Journal. So I wanted to share her first three entries. Meadow is memorizing many great scriptures too. I'm so proud of her. In addition to her memory verses she has memorized the first 15 books of the old testament.
Meadow continues to read well although she forgets the spelling rules sometimes. She is learning lots about the earth, crust, core and mantle and about our solar system. She excels in math although she doesn't like having to do many problems at a time! LOL! She has moved up to two digit addition and subtraction. We will be finished with 1st grade math in just a few more months. I will probably let her move on into second grade math continuing to school at least two days a week through the summer. Moving right along! I find this helps me because we usually have LIFE unexpectedly happen during the year whether it be doctors appointments or sickness and I have to work REALLY hard to school daily. :)

God Created the World. This is Meadow's first picture. We studied the seven days of creation and added to this page daily as we learned what God created on each day.

The Garden of Eden and The First Sin. This is Meadow's second drawing after learning about Adam and Eve. Our scripture focus is Proverbs 13:13 He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects command is rewarded. We are having great discussions about controlling our tempers and the consequences of our actions! This one isn't turned right and its harder to see but I couldn't get Picasa to coorporate. I'm just praying these stay up!

Cain and Abel. Our scripture focus is the same and this examples goes right along with Adam and Eve. I am helping her with these a littlew with these drawings. She doesn't like drawing or coloring very well. She would rather finger paint designs or use chalk. I'm hoping that by sharing these online her little heart will desire to try harder. :) I think she has done a great job!

What do you think?
(I suppose I was having troubles with Picasa so I tried again. If pictures still aren't coming through let me know, although I have no idea what I'll do!)


Penless Thoughts said...

For some reason the pictures didn't come up on my screen :o(

LisaWA said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the study! Thats great! Its a great feeling when we find something we like...

The pictures didnt come thorugh... any chance you can re load?


crystal said...

Just stopping by to say hi! We're in our 5th year of using MFW.