June 18, 2008

The Threshing Floor by Juanita Bynum

This is what I'm reading now. It's amazing. I can't believe how much I'm learning. She takes you through the pattern of the tabernacle in the old testament and teaches how the Lord required the priests to come to the ark of the covenant in prayer and applies it to us today.

Here is a outline if that is what you would call it and it doesn't compare to the book. Most of this I've taken directly from the book, some I have reworded. Its been such a deep learning experience. I wish I had the talent to share it properly. I will say that if you have struggled with your prayer life, felt like you have hit a wall or that the Lord isn't hearing you, that you are running out of things to say or that the Lord is calling you into a deeper prayer life, one of intercessing this book is a must read.

Where two or more are gathered in My name there I will be also. Join me in prayer, find the threshing floor.

There is an entry on the east gate, this gate you enter when you receive Jesus as your personal Savior. You enter the gate with thanksgiving and praise for the Lord has sent His only Son and His son has came willingly to die for you and for me.

This gate will take you to the outer court which is considered the early stages of prayer. Sadly some people never leave the outer courts when praying to the Father. We haven't been taught.

In the outer courts you will find the brazen laver which is the place of washing for you to repent and become a reflection of Christ as you wash in the water of the WORD. It is a place of sanctification. You should not rush the process but you must also realize you cannot remain at the laver. Be still and listen, the Lord will let you know when it is time to move on.

Next you will come to the brazen alter the place of sacrifice where you will become purified. This is the second stage of our outer court step in God's prayer pattern. You will let go of your own will and embrace the will of God. You will go from saying, "Give me...give me" in prayer to "What do You want Father?" The word "alter" in Hebrew means "a slaughter place". The brazen alter is the place where natural, earthly things that hinder your walk with God are consumed by the fire of God. It is the place where you become a "living sacrifice."

Now it is time to put on the foundational garment, the tunic of righteousness. Are you willingly sinning? You cannot go any further if you are. Are you in harmony with God being obedient to His word in every way that you can? The Word and the Spirit always work together in harmony. They complement and complete each other. If your life is not functioning according to God's pattern you will never see or experience His glory. You will continue to battle the same battles over and over and over. You will be defeated before you begin. If there is sin in your closet...cussing, gossiping, smoking, drinking....sins of choice, sins that have a stronghold over your life when you should be free you can go no further. This should grieve you deeply...it did me.

We choose. What will we choose? Will you wear your tunic?

The garments of completion. God is a God of great detail. This is the sash or the belt of truth. It goes over top of the tunic of righteousness. It is not visible to the naked eye, it girds your loins. It holds your tunic together. It also symbolizes readiness, when you have fastened, you are activated to be a servant. You are always ready to go. The truth is constantly working in you and for you.

The Robe of blue represents position and authority. Covering authority, divinity and grace. This step means you have matured spiritually, you have a firm hold on your salvation and certain thing NO LONGER have a hold over you, or cause you to struggle spiritually. You learn that you pray THROUGH things and NOT pray about them. When you pray about something you are still waiting for God to do it. When you pray through something it means you believe it was already done when you first declared the Word in prayer. There is a huge difference in going to a door and going through a door.

Many people don't have the victory because the ingredients that lead to a lack of power in prayer are locked up in discouragement and weariness. These will make you spiritless, despondent, doubtful and full of fear.(2 Cor 4:1)

After receiving the robe of blue comes the ephod. This is attached to the belt so it provides a second level of girding for intercessory prayer. This belt can be seen by others. It represents the mediator Jesus Christ and His power to become a servant. It confirms the trials and tests that you have overcome. This is ephod gold and it says I'm ready for whatever comes my way in prayer. I'll stay as long as the Lord leads my flesh will not intervene.

The breastplate. Inside the breastplate was a slip of parchment containing the divine name of God, represented by Urim and Thummim, which means light and completeness. This will bring His divine direction to earth. It also represents people that you carry to God in prayer symbolized by the 12 precious stones. You keep them next to your heart.

Now we are at the final piece- the miter, the headpiece. The miter was like a hat, with one distinguishing feature- the holy crown. This was actually a golden plate that was tied to the front of the miter and it read," Holy To The Lord." It reminded priests to never take holiness for granted. At all times there were to conduct their lives worthy of His name. The miter helps you watch and pray. What a reminder of where we need to be.


Protect your garments, coverings.

You will then find the holy place, where you come boldly through the door......... to.... the table of shewbread the Word of God. The golden candlestick the divine understanding of the Word of God. And then the alter of incense.

There you will see the veil...where you can press in, pull back and look behind to find, the ark of the covenant, the holy of holies. You will find yourself upon the threshing floor.

Each element has a great significance to prayer. We as a people have overlooked the significance of this tabernacle for years. This tabernacle is a divine key into the divine presence of God.

God established the tabernacle to be a place for His presence and glory. Satan will do anything to keep the saints from entering.


Penless Thoughts said...

What a wonderful post and overview of us as God's vessels.

It goes over top of the tunic of righteousness. It is not visible to the naked eye, it girds your loins. It holds your tunic together.

I trust all on the prayer blog are at least to this part of the tabernacle. If so we will go on further!!!!

Mrs. Clark said...

Gorgeous Blog layout. LOVE IT! Looking forward to reading more.

We are THAT Family said...

I've hear a lot about this book lately. Sounds very good.

BP said...

Thank's for the recommendation. I put it on my to read list. Our library has it too. yeah!

Olinda said...

Thanks for writing this.