June 3, 2008

Vacation~Oak Island, NC

We spent a whole week in an ocean front house with my parents last week. It was great. We stayed busier than in years past. Roxy loved the ocean! Tony and I managed to have a great amount of alone time while not sacrificing time with the family.

Sunday Tony and I rose early and attended a worship service at the Barefoot Ocean Front Cabana. It was a great service and our first ocean front church experience. We definitely plan to do that again. Sadly however get pictures. It was non-denominational and the freedom to worship was there. It was wonderful to see the ocean while listening to real southern gospel style music. Very satisfying to the soul.

Monday my sister came in from Myrtle Beach and we went out to eat at The Fish House at the Marina. The seafood was delicious!

Tuesday we took a Dolphin/Shrimping Excursion. It was great!!! We seen many different birds, boats, dolphins, jellyfish and even a shark. The shark however was much smaller than the one that swam by Sky and I while we were IN the ocean! I have pictures of us running for our lives out of that ocean....which is no easy feat let me tell you, but I'll spare you..... Uhem....spare us that is....the ummm embarrassment!! My husband had no idea we'd just seen the shark, he thought we were playing, maybe racing each other out of the water so he took pictures. Maybe one day I'll have the nerve to share them. Needless to say Sky and I didn't venture back in the water.

Wednesday we drove to Myrtle Beach met my sister and she treated us all to a night at The Dixie Stampede. We had a blast!!! We were on the Southside of course...you know us being rednecks and all. Of course we won. With my clan there yelling and hooting and hollering there was no way we could lose!

Thursday we drove to Wilmington, NC for a Redneck Wedding Comedy Cruise. Seriously. It was ummmm different. The food was delicious.

Friday we spent the entire day at the beach. We'd been there on and off during the week but Friday was beach day. Of course I came home extremely sunburnt and I'm nursing the blisters on my chest now as I type. Ouch! Sleep has been restless the past few nights. I did sunscreen with a 50. Somehow we missed my chest. I pray I never make that mistake again!

Here are some pictures of various times last week......
Heaven. Can we say "Super Model"
Sisterly Love
Sky and I on the Dolphin Cruise

My silly husband
Roxy~My Sailor Girl
Just look at that laugh!
The wind blowing through her hair...
I love this one..
Itty Bitty, but shark just the same!
Daddy and His Southern Girls
Sky~Another Super Model

The Shrimp Boat pulling in its catch.

Big Wave...This is right before we seen the shark. No kidding!!!
Daddy and his girls.
Now this is the life
Sand Castles
True Love
Feeding the Birds

Jelly Fish
Is this a great shot or what?!
God really blessed me with these!
I love the sky in this one.
We had lots of different visitors.
My mom and dad. This is actually a rare moment and this picture is priceless!
Notice the rocks on shore. While beautiful they were very dangerous.
Breathtaking Sunsets
Daddy's Love
This was great. Tony buried her alive!
Finally, a few pictures of the Redneck Wedding

The view was much better from outside.

This was riverside Wilmington, NC. Beautiful! I love the cobblestone streets that you drive on!

That's All Folks!


Beth said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! We always have a great time at Oak Island too!

Bobbi said...

Hey I like the new look! How have you been? Looks like you had fun on vacation!

Gina said...

Great pictures and such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

What a great and wonderful vacation you had! You definitely captured some priceless moments. Your daughters are very beautiful. I love the coast of NC and now that we are back from living in Fl... can't wait to go there on vacation!!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like a fantastic vacation!!!

Oldqueen44 said...

What a great vacation you must have had. Wow, Sunday service on the beach. Very awesome.

I got a chuckle out of your comment on my blog. That is not my house that I am painting. I am working for a neighbor. I don't do too much around my house any more. Although I should, of course.

Are you glad to be home?

Tiffany Stuart said...

:) Thank you for stopping by again. I was wondering how you are too.

I see you had a wonderful vacation. Loved the beauty of your family and NC.

Thanks for sharing.

Hope to keep in touch.
God bless you and hugs back,

nancypants said...

It sounds just lovely!! I'm very jealous of the weather... Oh... and the ocean and the dolphin. But not the shark. Yeeks!!

Jessica said...

WOW what beautiful pictures- some funny ones too. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for always keeping up on me on the blog!
Love your layout here btw- very pretty