July 8, 2008

Heaven is in Texas-Day one and two

(Listen to the song playing, its Selah. It begins in the African language (one of them not sure which one) but I thought this was very appropriate timing since Heaven is getting ready to go to South Africa. It will finish in American, its beautiful. Just close your eyes and worship our Savior for a few moments before, during and after you read this post.)

Heaven made it safely to Texas yesterday. It was a rough day for her. We didn't get to stop and eat before her flight left so she was hungry and thirsty on top of being nervous. When she arrived in Dallas the Global Expedition team were a little late in getting there to pick them up. Once they arrived they boarded buses and drove to their campus. Heaven said they were a little over an hour away. Once they arrived, there was little free time and they had a meeting with Ron Luce which she said went great. BUT it was late, very late and she still had had nothing to eat or drink.

They did finally get them pizza but anyone who knows Heaven knows that pizza does not settle well on her tummy, especially after going a whole day with no food. They did not get them anything to drink with dinner either so when she finally called us at 12:30 last night she was exhausted and close to being dehydrated. She had a lot of anxiety and was incredibly homesick. I know most of this was coming from being so tired and thirsty. She said the drink machines wouldn't even take her money. On top of this her cell phone wasn't charging and she just pleaded with us to pray.

It was so hard to be on the other end of that phone and not be able to get to her. I just wanted to hand her a bottle of cold water and wrap my arms around her and bring her home. I knew I couldn't so I requested prayer from every prayer warrior the Lord put on my heart and then I prayed. I cried. I went to bed.

This morning she was some better. She did finally get some water to drink but was still requesting prayer. She had forgotten a water bottle and her towels and wash clothes and had to dry off with a T-shirt. I called Global Expeditions and spoke with the Parent Advisors and shared with them the anxiety Heaven was in and what she was experiencing. They are relaying the message to Heaven's Team Leaders and are going to get Heaven the items she needs. I will receive a return call this afternoon. I know all is going to be well.

Somehow through all of this I just feel that God is preparing her. I truly believe that this trip is going to be very different than the trip she took to Peru last year. The separation alone is going to be long enough to break us both. BUT I know that our Lord is going to build and strengthen us and fill every emptiness with Himself. Trust and Faith keep coming to mind, like a faint soft whisper, I keep hearing them over and over again. Trust me, I am your Provider. Have faith in me, she is mine also, I will take care of her. Peace. Rest in Me. Be still and know that I am God.

We just ask for your continued prayers for Heaven while she is about her Father's business! Feel free to leave your prayers in the comment section and send Heaven words of encouragement. I can take those and e-mail them to Global Expeditions and they will print them and give them to her. I know these simple words will be of much comfort to her while she is in South Africa.

(This is a copy of what I am posting at our Keys of the Kingdom Ministry Blog.)


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Oh goodness Jenileigh! I will keep Heaven in our prayers and please keep us updated. I will be praying for you as well cause I know it will be hard on you having her away but do know what a wonderful thing that she is doing.

Penless Thoughts said...

This falls under the category dying daily doesn't it? I have already prayed for Heaven during my schedule Hearts In "1" Accord prayer time but want to do so here again.

Father God, I thank you the Heaven has this opportunity to make the necessary sacrifice to serve you in this latest endeavor you have called her to. I lift up both Heaven and Jenileigh and the entire family and team to you Father. My all your plans and purposes be accomplished in this trip. Both in Heaven and in those she will be ministering to.
In my Saviors precious, precious name I pray. Amen

Rachel in Texas said...

God is doing a remarkable work through you and in you during this time, Heaven. You will be amazed at what He can accomplish when we are stripped of ourselves and are totally REAL with our Maker.
Love and prayers,
Rachel in Texas

Momma Roar said...

What an awesome opportunity she has. I will be keeping her (and you!!) in my prayers!

Leigh Ann

annie said...

I'm praying for Heaven... and for you.


Busymama Karen said...

Heaven is in my prayers.

MoziEsmé said...

Prayers for Heaven sent!

And I LOVE Selah! They are one of the reasons we are in Mozambique - when we were making the decision, husband came across their You Raise Me Up video on YouTube, and it seemed to be a sign . . .

retha said...

if you are able to and think it worth anything I live in the other big city not too far from Johannesburg. When they have time available I might go see her.
Leave a note at my page then I can give you my details.

Tina said...

Beautiful song! Heaven is in our prayers. ( mom too of course) My 17yob is heading for Guatemala next week on a missions trip. This is his second. Came home from the first ( a few years ago) 15 pounds lighter and had mono. ( one of his teamates had it unawares before leaving ) Anyway when the chance to go again came he was among the first to sign up. So you can pray for us the third week of July! Somehow it just doesn't get easier for me! We are praying for Heaven and team: saftey, spiritual growth,and Gods purpose to be accomplished. Blessings