July 30, 2008

Only three more days!

I can't wait to pick Heaven up on Saturday at the airport. I'm so excited! It feels as though she has been away from home for years instead of less than one month! Ha! I have been able to speak with her a little more the last week than the whole trip. She is doing well and has seen the hand of God moving across the people of South Africa. She has so much to share. She will be speaking at our church on Sunday night at 6:00 pm about her trip and I cannot wait to hear all about it. The last time we spoke on the phone she mentioned NOT leaving for college on the 15th. She threw the idea at me of seeing if she could wait one semester before going. She misses home so badly and the thoughts of only having two weeks at home before leaving again is overbearing for her. Of course I myself have no problem with this but I want what is best for Heaven and I want her to be in God's perfect will for her life. So we are all in prayer about this.

I have so many changes coming up this year. My girls are going into a very small local Christian School after homeschooling the last seven years. We attended the school for a few weeks at the end of the school year last spring to feel it out and see how we all liked it. We all, each one of us loved it. I have felt such peace with our decision. I am going to be substituting and volunteering there while also enrolling in college to persue my Bachelor's Degree in Teaching and Religion in hopes to teach full time soon.

I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks and our internet crashed for about five days. It just came back up today. We have been doing some serious cleaning in our house. Purging, moving, sweeping, mopping, dusting...you name we are doing it. We are almost done with the upstairs. I'd say one more day of hard work and it'll be complete. The catch? The basement. Yuck! I do so dread having to go through everything down there. Tony wants to do a yard sale but the thought of all that stuff overwhelms me! UGH! I'd rather just ditch it all. I told him if he's willing to get down there and work and pull it all together I'll help, but what doesn't sell isn't coming back in the house!!!! LOL!

I've another trial or burden so to speak that I've not shared a lot about here on my blog. I've undergone some tests and they turned up fine, which is great but leaves us puzzled as to what exactly the problem is. It's been sort of a secret battle with me and I've wanted to share but I have so many readers who know me personally and sometimes that makes it harder to air it all out, you know? Just keep me in your prayers and pray most importantly that God's will be done. (How's that for suspense!) LOL! I'll share one day, I promise!

Well I've missed everyone. God Bless!


Penless Thoughts said...

So glad you posted!!!! Lots going on in your lives and it all sounds very exciting. I know that God leads you and hold you in the palm of His hand. Keep us posted!!! You know I'll be praying!!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Loved reading an update on you. Can't wait to hear more about Heaven's experience.

And I know your kids will love their new school. And so will you as you commit to learning and finishing your degree.

Sounds like you are working hard on your home. I'ver tried to declutter and organize, but without air conditioning, I fade fast. I just love the feeling afterwards. And garage sales, love them. So many of my decorative treasures and books are found there. I don't like doing them, so lately I donate my stuff to the Goodwill and take the tax write off. It works for me.

Sorry to know you've had a trial of sorts going on. I hope you get answers or relief.

Hugs, my friend,

Penless Thoughts said...

Jenileigh, Are you okay? Missing you again!!!