June 28, 2009

New Addition

I do not believe that I shared the new addition to our family yet. For Mother's Day Tony got me another puppy. She is four months old now and settling in quite well.

Scarlet-West Highland White Terrier

Roxy and Scarlet


On my bed

Updating on Scarlet. She didn't work out. I hate it. I loved her so much but she needed more care than I could give her. We have good friends that had another Westie and they wanted her so they took her in and now she and Watson are best friends. I couldn't get her pottie trained, among other problems and I wanted to do what was best for her. I'm thankful that hse is so happy. I miss her. She's a beautiful girl.


Allie said...

She is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia said...

What cute puppy!!! I love her name.

Irritable Mother said...

Is she as soft as the picture indicates???

Jenileigh said...

No, Westies are wired hair terriers. Roxy is like a cotton ball, Scarlet isn't rough but not nearly as soft as Roxy!