June 7, 2009


Today I just want to share how good the Lord is to me. The wedding took a lot out of me and yes, it was stressful, but, it was also rewarding. The good things usually are. I look at my Heaven all grown up and married and it brings me great joy to know that I don't have to worry about her. Matt is so good to her, they have a beautiful home, and they are working towards their future goals. I'm so thankful for that.

My home is in order and that feels wonderful.

Things are as they should be.

I'm so content I'm bliss.

I'm so thankful for our home. I'm so thankful that my husband has given his heart to the Lord and that he is leading our family as head of the home right under Christ. I'm so thankful that the Lord has shown me how to relinquish that position because for many years I've held onto it kicking and screaming. Over the years of serving Christ I slowly began to let go but not until very recently has the process been complete. I am still amazed at how close my husband and I continue to grow day by day through my obedience to God in submitting to him and trusting him to be the man God created him to be. I've been reading (and am still reading) a book called Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. It is a very controversial book and I do not want to get into that I only want to share what the Lord has shown me through reading this book.

I have learned that I was not honoring my husband. There was much pride in me and much rebellion. I didn't trust my husband's decision making and in turn realized that I was not submitting to God, I was not trusting in God and I was rebelling against God. It wasn't in the large things it was in the smallest, tiniest simple things. This is why I am sharing. My husband and I have always gotten along well and I consider us to be great friends. I honestly didn't know there was anything missing, until I read this book.

I began practicing the little things, like choosing to pick up my husbands shoes instead of fussing-again-and reminding him where the shoe box was. I began to prepare his coffee each morning and leave him little notes. Things I use to do but had strayed from. I began to ask more about his day instead of starting in on how my day was. I began to serve him in whatever capacity the Lord would reveal to me. I began to fast and pray for him.

I thought about the word *honor* and what it meant to me and I can honestly say that as much as I love my husband that I hadn't shown him honor. I began to show him honor. God started changing things in me. Things I had been battling were set loose, I was set free from them. My heart changed towards my husband. The spirit in my home changed. I found myself happier, joyful, more thankful. The desires of my heart changed.

The way my husband treated me changed. He noticed the changes in me and he appreciated my efforts and without words he began to change things. He began to *cherish* me. Think about that word for a minute, cherish. I don't believe that I have ever been cherished in such a way before and its very special. The way he looks at me, the way he wants to be around me more now than ever. Like he can't get enough of me. His eyes twinkle when he looks at me, can you believe that? Even the way he parents has changed, he has become a more attentive father. I'm amazed at how close we are growing. I really wouldn't have thought it possible.

I'm so thankful for this. I'm so grateful for my children, our church, our pastors, our church family, my family, our pets, our home, our vehicles, homeschooling, answered prayer, well...to put it plainly I'm thankful for my life. I love it. Every moment, every day. I love it.

God is good. He is mighty and He saves!

He is answering prayer. I'm seeing Him move in mighty ways. My sister rededicated her life last week and my family was baptized. Myself, my husband, my middle daughter, my mom and my sister. What a glorious day!! Hallelujah! I give YOU all the praise, honor and glory dear heavenly Father! Forever and ever!!!

Answered prayers are precious!

I know this is spotchy, if that is a word. It comes from me trying to take the many good things the Lord has shown, taught and given me and trying to blog about them in one post. :)


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I know I need to do better honoring my hubby to. You are doing great!!!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i'm reading a book on submission right now.i'm learning a lot too.

Caron said...

So glad that the Lord created you with a humble heart to accept the principles in that book. I did a study with all my married girls 2 years ago, on that book. My oldest daughter liked it so much she wrote her own study for it and now goes through the book with other ladies. She has a new class starting this next Monday.
I chuckle at the controversial comment. Yea, our natural nature is to dump that book right into the trash. which I know of some ladies who have. But if you think about God's design you have to know it speaks truth. I hated the trash story. I am married to a command man... My oldest is married to a visionary. That story about the visionary man is exactly like my SNL. And yes he drives us all crazy. He is the one I had a home remodeling business with. I love him in spite of his mega visions. My other girls have Mr. Steady. What do you have?

Jenileigh said...

Caron, I have a Mr. Steady. He is a precious man!