August 28, 2010

Cover Up

About 19-20 years ago I decided I wanted a tattoo. What I didn't have was the patience to find a good artist and in my hurry to get my tattoo I found someone with little talent and reputation. I was never happy with the rose band that covered my left ankle but felt *stuck* with it since, after all, tattoos are permanent.

I looked into removal but it was just too pricey. Tony didn't think I would be able to get a cover up because of the darkness of color in the red roses and green leaves. I've been hunting high and low for a good artist for about a year now. I finally found a girl by the name of Christinia Wassilie at The Blue Lotus Tattoo, that I thought was really good. She's a two hour drive from us, but that was completely irrelevant if her work is good and her shop is clean. Both of which were very true.

Christinia looked at my leg and said that she could cover it up with no problem. I was so shocked and HAPPY. She was affordable so we unexpectedly started working on it yesterday. I knew I'd never be able to sit through the entire job at one sitting. So she said we'd do the outline and then see if I thought I could continue. I was amazed at how quickly she finished the outline and decided I could make it through the entire cover up.

I'm going to post a couple of before pictures. The before pics are blurry because I had to crop them out of other photos but you'll get a good idea of what my leg looked like before my cover up tattoo.



After, inside part of leg.


After, outside part of my leg.

I love it. Love can't even express how happy I am with these results.

Blue is also my favorite color.

I am so satisfied with the cover up and thankful that we didn't have to add onto the old work or have to have it removed. There is nothing worse than having work that you aren't happy with and can't have removed. I thought I would be done after this but now I'm pretty sure that I want to start on a lower back piece. The lily is also my favorite flower. So, what do you think?

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