September 21, 2010

Drawing Near

I love seeing people draw near to my Lord. Especially my family. We have been under such an attack of the enemy this past year. How I wish I could have/would have/should have recognized this attack and put on the full armor of God available to me and fought back instead of giving in.

I'm so thankful. Ever so thankful for God's mercy and grace.

I've been praying for such a long time for my sister and my brother and then I blew it myself. It seems that just a few months after this I am seeing God answer those prayers that I had prayed so long ago and in many ways given up on.

God is so faithful.

My sister is serving God. Tonight she inspired me. It was incredible being on the other end of things, having her minister to me. Praise God! What an awesome experience.

My brother is coming to church, reading his bible and praying.

These are miracles.

Their hearts were so cold.

God is all powerful.

It isn't easy trying to get back to where I was. I just want to please my Father. I'm trying to look forward and not back. It is so wonderful to see God moving on my loved ones. So wonderful to be reminded of forgotten prayers.

God is good.

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Susan said...

He is love. He is good. He is faithful. He is sure. He is the same yesterday, today & forever.