September 28, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday! Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Another year gone by. It's amazing how time just seems to fly by. I am 39 today. 39 Amazing. 40 is just around the corner. I can remember when I thought that it would never get here, that it be forever-an eternity before I would begin getting old.

I've had one daughter graduate, get married and give birth to my first grandchild, a grandson. The concept of getting older has never been one that easy for me to conceive. It's something I have to think through. I believe that over time I have finally began coming to the place of accepting that there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it, the best I can hope for is to embrace it.

I want to do things for the Lord I've never had the nerve to do. I want to LIVE each moment to make Him proud. It's time for change in my life and it's about time. It's time to stop looking around and wondering what everyone else thinks of me and look to my Father.

Father, have I made you proud? Have I fulfilled even partially the call that You have placed on my life? Let me live today and everyday to come for You. I want to please You and fulfill Your will and not my own. I want to live for You and die to myself. It isn't about me, it never was, it's always been about You. Lead me, guide me, use me. I surrender all. I give You all my love and praise this day for You are worthy! Holy is Your name! Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord!

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Samantha said...

hey, I have not had internet for a while because we bought a new house and moved so I had not been on here and read anyones blog. But I read your newest post and then I looked back over some other ones that you had posted. You posted one in July titled "old me" and something in there touched me. I am going through a terrible time right now. I feel numb and its like I am going through the motions of being a christian and going to church. The depression has almost taken over me right now. My actions and the thoughts that are coming to my mind I dont recognize, its like I can look in the mirror but I have no idea who I am looking at. I have no intention of quitting church and turning my back on the Lord but I need help right now and I dont know why I am telling you all this I really need some guidance from someone who is not in my life right now. I cannot admit the way I am feeling to anyone eles. I long to feel the Lords spirit upon me again and to be back in the place I was before. But I dont know how to get there I dont know how to forgive myself for the wrong things that I have been doing latley. I am in need of forgivness and I need strength so bad. If you feel led at all to tell me anything you can email me at I am so sorry to bother you but from reading your posts I believe you are someone that I can put my trust in. Please you and your husband please pray for me. Samantha