June 7, 2011

Visit to my Sissy's

Derron my nephew, in my sister's garden.
Above: My sister and Derron. The first time he saw the ocean.
Below: Derron LOVING the waves!
My grandson Treyton. He didn't take to the ocean as well as Derron!
My sweet Heaven and Treyton.
Rari in the ocean with Derron. Derron is swimming up a storm!
Above: Treyton playing in the sand.
Below: Handsome Boy!
Above: Derron. This picture reminds me of something from the 60's.

Above: Me and Derron

Below: Heaven and Trey

Me with Derron. 

We went down to the beach to visit Sissy on a Friday and returned to Virginia on Sunday. It was a rough trip with a 15 and an 11 month old! We still had a great time. I can't wait to return and have an entire week to stay. Those short trips really tire you out. I miss my sister so much. I only get to see her a few times a year. 

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