June 17, 2011

Perfect Night

Yesterday evening was an amazing night. I worked till five, paid bills, and made it home by 6:30 ish. Tony was playing at a revival on the mountain. I had not intended on going but as I turned in the driveway I had this strong desire to GO. I called him on his cell as he was already en-route. He was getting gas and agreed to wait for me. I couldn't get the girls to go, so I quickly grabbed my new camera the Nikon D7000  and left to meet him.

When we arrived at the little church I was almost disappointed. I thought well this is a small place and there aren't even any vehicles here. I wondered if anyone at all would show up. I took several pictures outside and toyed with the settings on my camera, trying to learn how to set it for the perfect light indoors and out.

In no time at all that little church was full. I was so surprised! Inside was absolutely beautiful. The walls were done in knotty pine and there was an old pipe organ. Everyone was so friendly, all smiles and hugs, welcoming us there with open arms.

Lots of Tony's family came. His mom, aunt Bonnie, uncle Kenny, friends Buddy and Faye and Faye's mom. I felt so at home. I loved the atmosphere. There were people of all ages. A perfect balance of babies, children, teens, young adults, adults and older adults. The young were caring for the old. There was just a simply harmony about the whole place. Peaceful. Loving. Simple.

Tony and his group "Almost There" sang first to open up the revival. They were absolutely awesome. (If you are reading this and are a fan of gospel bluegrass send me an e-mail via the contact Jenileigh button above and I will gladly send you a copy of their latest cd. Free of course!) By the last song Tony was really moved by the Spirit and had a hard time singing the song. I couldn't stop the tears. It had been so long since I had felt the presence of God so strong. The churches group then played and after they were done the special speaker came up to speak. Her name was Blonnie Gregory . She spoke on laying down on God because of our flesh tiring and how we try to do things on our own instead of allowing God to equip us. She shared so many miracles and beautiful testimonies. My eyes never dried. My face was swollen and my heart was full. The ministry that she and her husband lived was truly inspirational. Her husband Bunny passed away last year but she marches on. Her son and grandson were there last night and it was evident that they shared Blonnie's strong faith.

So many things passed before my eyes. How far I've fallen back into my old self. The me before I opened this blog. The me before the Lord had transformed into a new creation. I don't really know how it happened or why but I know that I realized that I was missing something great in my life. My walk had come to a rest area. It's time to take a step again, and put one foot in front of the other.

A lot of pain surfaced in me. From years ago during a hard time for Tony and I when we were forced to leave our home church and find a new one. Hurts from other brothers and sisters in Christ that wounded so deeply. But stronger than any of that was this emptiness of longing. Longing for that small country church, with sweet fellowship and the tight knit bond of caring for one another that some how seems to get lost in larger churches.

Pray for us. Pray the Lord continue to speak to my husband and that I submit to his guidance. Pray for our hearts to be truly healed and mended.

I love you my precious husband. I am so proud of you for continuing your walk and not sitting down beside of me during this storm cycle of life that I was so wrapped up in.

(I'll come back and add pictures later.)

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Touching, moving post.