July 12, 2011

Car Troubles

I was so hoping that my car would make it to 200,000 miles. It has 115,000 now and that would have meant that we'd be together for several more years. I bought it used and had to replace the transmission. I think I've had it four years or close to it anyway. I loved it. It's a older Chrysler Concord but let me tell you, she would fly. She handled great. Living up in these mountains, the back roads are pretty fun to drive on. I really loved the power she had because when I needed to get up and go, she got up and went. She started over heating two weeks ago. She had a small gas leak too. So, we put her in the shop hoping to patch her up. We got the call on Monday that she wasn't repairable. She is pouring water that may or may not be coming from the internal water pump. The cost to pull the motor and repair with such high chances that it may be something else makes it just not worth the money to fix her. The garage flat refused to even tackle her.

So, I'm car shopping.

I hate car shopping. I despise car sales men, well especially the finance guy. Why do they always have to be such bull dogs? I hate feeling pressured when making such a huge purchase. I don't even know what I want.

I'm just praying that the Lord bless us with a car. I pray He find favor upon us, that He guide, lead and direct us to the one He has for us.

I'll let you know what we finally get. We are paying off a few bills before we make the trip out.

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