July 3, 2011

Treyton is 1

I can't believe my grand son is turning one today. Time really flies by too fast. We are on vacation and I am enjoying my family. Heaven and her husband Matt, with Treyton, my mom and dad, my nephew Derron, my sweet husband Tony and my baby girl Meadow. (Sky stayed with a friend instead of coming with us. Teenagers!) We are all tired today from the trip yesterday and are lazing around. Below are a few pictures I've taken so far. Happy 4th of July everyone!

This is the view from our home.
 Heaven and my mom sitting on the front porch.
 Treyton pushing the stool around.
 Treyton in color.
 He is so beautiful.
 Laughing because he's ignoring me.
 My dad with Derron.
 Derron wanting to go to the ocean and my dad's is like, "Are you crazy? We just got back from down there! You are running me to death!" LOL
 The beautiful ocean.

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