June 14, 2013

Friend's Day Out

I have to laugh because I am a tattoo LOVER. I do not like just any kind of tattoo. I love flowers and work that look like nice pieces of art. I prefer to call tattoos Skin Art.

Of my friends I'd have to say that I'm on the wildest side of all of them. I'm more charismatic, care less about what other's think of me and desire to enjoy my life. Not that they don't, I'm just so care free. My goal lately has been to allow myself to be me.

None of my other closer friends have any skin art. Andrea and I haven't caught up in person in months. We stay in touch through facebook, texts and phone calls but our schedules have been too busy to get together. So this past week we set a date.

It turned out that my Skin Artist had a cancellation on Wednesday and Andrea and I went to Salem. We went shopping, visited Bubble Cake, had delicious dinner at a fabulous mexican restaurant and then proceeded to the Blue Lotus Tattoo Shop.

This is what I got.
Left wrist. Blue Watercolor Poppy. 
I am so ecstatic! I love it. I have to say that this is one of my favorite pieces because this piece I done for me. It's based on my birth stone color and it's where *I* can see and enjoy it. I also had some work started on my left foot. I'm going back the 26th to finish up the foot and to finish all of the details on my back piece. I'm so excited. With summer coming on full fledged there is no better time to start adding new ink. 

My job. I love it! I did not get to fill my week up because the hours got gone so quickly! I'm still learning my way around BUT I did manage to fill my entire Saturday and Sunday. I got lots of hours so I'll be working two days and be off next week. I'm excited about that. I hope that next week I will be able to fill 3 days during the week and keep the other 4 including the weekend off but either way I'm not complaining. 

Well it's Friday night. I'm not so sure what our plans are this evening but I'm ready to shower, make-up, and GO! Hope you all have a splendid weekend! 

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