June 12, 2013

Days of June Gone By

The days are flying by. I am so enjoying being home. For those of you who are grandparents, you know the bliss it is to have the honor of being able to keep your grand children some. Having the time to spend together has bonded us even more, since I've not been in school.

Time is so precious.

Every morning I awake to thank the Lord for another beautiful day. I take time to enjoy every moment and I consciously focus on slowing things down and not rushing a thing.

My talks with my girls.

Meadow is home for the summer and we have lots of time to talk and snuggle. I find her in our bed already asleep many nights because I keep late hours. I miss my Sky the most. She is working two jobs and isn't here as much. Heaven and I took Sunday and went to Maxie B's in Greensboro and had fresh strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. She talked all the way there. We had gotten a cd out of her car to listen to and never once turned it on coming or going.

Me and my friend Kimmie have been spending lots of time together. We go to Roanoke, Greensboro, and Danville shopping, visiting cake shops, or picking up furniture found on Craigslist. Eating at nice restaurants. Enjoying the occasional mixed drink. Talking, laughing, and truly enjoying every single day. Having fun. I'd forgotten how to have fun and enjoy life.
Me and Kimmie

That is my new focus. To enjoy life. To have fun. To indulge a little.
Tory, Me and Mandy

Sometimes us girls will meet at Kimmies house and hang out. Even ole Boney will come over sometimes. Talk about funny.
Melanie and Me
Me and Kimmie again.

Today I am meeting my dear friend Andrea. I haven't seen her in a coon's age-so to speak-and we aren't sure if we are heading up the Mountain and to the Crooked Road Café or to Salem to the Blue Lotus tattoo shop. I'm calling now to see if Christinia-my artist-has any openings today for walk ins!

It's just Wednesday.

Tomorrow is my scheduling day. I'm booking my schedule to work for next week. I'm going to try to get in as many hours as I can. This past week was a great success, I just didn't schedule me enough hours. I am feeling things out because I don't want to overload myself. I'm learning to balance my at home time and my out of the house time.
Just Me.

Well, I guess that is it for now.

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Debra Seiling said...

Dear Jenileigh, I'm so happy things are going so well. Debbie Seiling