June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's day to all the blogging father's out there.

Today has been a joy filled day of thanking dad's all over the world. My family, mom and dad, nephew, and all three daughter's all went with us to Golden Corral for a Father's Day breakfast for the Father's we have. It was wonderful fellowship, much love, hugs and laughs. A long over due visit and one that we shall have to repeat much sooner than next year.

Later here at home, out in Facebook land and in Blogger world as well - I have enjoyed seeing all the pledges of other's hearts for their own fathers.

My very best friend Melanie's son Caleb - really impressed me with his loving heart and the way that God has so blessed him to communicate himself so well. The following is what he shared today on Facebook.
You know, Father's Day isn't celebrating a day of fathers, but a day of heroes. It isn't celebrating a day of the "provider", but a day of a mentor and friend. Dad's can come in all shapes and sizes: biological fathers, grandfathers, step-dads, or any male figure that has raised and positively influenced the life of a child. A father is the backbone of the family. My dad is one of my hero's because I constantly see him work, and push, and try to be there for his family. He is a disciplinary, someone I can go to for advice, and a friend. Over the years, we have had our disputes like anyone, after all we are *****'s..., He and I both were born with a stubborn head. However, none of that matters. At the end of the day, we still love each other, and we try to make things better. I know that he wants me to do well in life, and I know his position as a parent is to actually be one. I also know my role is to be the child. Thank you dad for all that you do and all the sacrifices you have made. From the times you came and sat with me in the hospital everyday for the first three month's of my life, to showing me how to bait a hook, or showing me how to drive. Word's aren't enough when it comes to all that you are and do for not only me but for you family. Thank you for helping my mom raise me and some of the best siblings a kid could ask for. And a special thank you to Mike White. He is not my biological grandpa, but like I said, father's don't have to be biological. He has been there from day one, and He is my REAL grandpa. Thank you for all that you do. Thanks to every father that has been a hero to a child. Dad, thank you for your guidance and strength in the lord. God is the biggest father of them all, and for you to follow in his footsteps, and lead me in his way...well, that's the best thing that you've probably done for me. I love you dad, and papa, and paw. I am proud to call you my dad and grandpa's! I love y'all. I wish everyone a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! (I did omit their last name from this.) 
What a heart on a boy. He is 17 years old going 18. You just don't see this kind of honestly, devotion and love from most 17 year old boys these days. Caleb was born 3 months premature at only 1 lb 14 oz and lost down to 1 lb 7 oz. He spent 3 months in the NICU. Caleb is our miracle child. The Lord strengthened him and called him. Caleb overcame every obstacle and is perfectly healthy today without even one complication.

His heart is bigger than he is.

Always has been.

He's a fighter. A defender himself. Most importantly Caleb loves and he loves hard. Caleb is fast on his way to success already and I am quite positive a Hero to many already that he isn't even aware of.  I want to Thank-you for sharing your heart this Father's Day Caleb. You said everything my heart already felt. May God continue to bless and keep you highly favored. May you grow stronger in your pursuit of Him and in your sharing of His precious gospel. I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for you and the paths your feet will walk. I ask that He place a hedge of protection around you and your spirit man. I pray that your heart always be after God's own heart and He continue to use you mightily around all of those you greatly influence. I love you Caleb.

And Happy Father's Day again to all of the Father's out there! I pray your day has been as blessed as mine!

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