June 23, 2013

Summer Solstice and the Super Moon 2013

What a beautiful evening, spent at such a beautiful place. Tony and I went with his close friend Barry over to his forefathers land. Barry has built an absolutely beautiful fire pit out of rocks from the land. I have pictures of the fire but not the pit. I'm going to have to remember to take pictures of the pit next time we are over. The old place as it's called is one of my favorite places to hang out. The spirit of the land is so sweet. The only thing missing last night was the LED Hula Hoop I'm dreaming of! 

The fire was so warming and beautiful. 

The moon was so bright and full. 

My God is a majestic creator.
The energy and the mood was perfect. 
My husband was precious as gold. He grabbed me out of my chair and he danced with me in the moonlight. 
I love to dance. We celebrated our love and the Summer Solstice under the light of the Super Moon. 
What a wonderful night and spectacular view.
The only thing missing is a picture of me and my brother B. :)

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