August 1, 2013

It's August

The summer has flown by. Time just flies. I wish I could slow time down. I try to simplify our life and savor the moments and yet still the moments are gone before I can register that another day has passed.

Meadow is changing schools this year. She is a cheerleader. She has lots of great new things going for her this year, so please, keep her in your prayers.

I change my blog design frequently and freely thanks to Lee Lou's freebies. This time when I changed my template I also changed my scripture. I needed a new focus and God was speaking this to my heart. Lately, my emotions and anger have been so powerful and ruling. I've allowed my heart to lead me. Thinking and acting on your feelings isn't always the best thing. I know that I have stood for the right thing and that my every word has rang true, and now the Lord is saying to me, "Let go my child and Let Me."

So I'm digging into His word and praying over this situation that has been so hard for me to witness. I am going to allow Him to protect me. He has a shield of protection around me. He is my mighty warrior and He is fighting this battle for me.

My new scripture is Exodus 14:14 "The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace." KJV

So now, I hold my peace. Thank-You Father.

And on a lighter note I wanted to say, "Happy August!" Today is the first!

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