July 29, 2013

Lazy Monday

After working all weekend I'm thankful for a lazy Monday. Treyton and I are watching the Little Mermaid this morning.  I feel nap time coming on soon.

I've gotten both of my doggies switched over to eating raw. Suki, who is 9 weeks, has loved eating raw from the first meal. Roxy on the other hand held out for 2 whole days with nothing to eat before she began to eat raw. Now she eats it like a pro. I've been studying this for a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to see many of the benefits that I've heard of. Especially with skin, fur, and teeth issues. For the first two weeks we are doing chicken only. After that I can add in a different meat each week.

After I got off work yesterday I stopped by a friends cabin. She lives on the mountain and we had such a great visit. We talked non stop for 4 hours! We've been making it a point to get together at least every other week. She has such a sweet spirit and I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time with her.

Ah well, I started this morning off with thankfulness for my husband so I will end this post with this today.

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