July 19, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Sweet Meadow!

I can't wait until we go to our photo shoot and get to have very good pictures made of us together. I want to tell you Happy Birthday and that I cannot believe that you are 12 years old. Time is flying by and you are becoming a  young lady right before my very eyes. You are my baby girl, my youngest daughter, my last child at home. My heart strings pull hard on you. I want you to always know how proud I am of you and that I look forward to watching you become a wonderful woman.

Walk baby girl, don't run.

Listen, don't always tell.

Stand out, be proud. Never look around, be who you are.

Be kind always.

Stand up for yourself but don't be too sensitive.

Always lend a hand.

Be honest.

Have self respect and integrity.

You make a difference in each and every life that you encounter. Stay close to the Lord, dig in His word and never stop praying.

I am so blessed to call you Meadow, you, my daughter.

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