July 13, 2013


It's so hard for me to grasp some people. I'm sure these ramblings are completely irrelevant but today I will voice them just the same.

How can you abandon your children and not accept the blame for that? How can you stay in touch with your daughter's ex husband who cheated on and almost destroyed your daughter? Is it to pay her back? To hurt her because she doesn't want you in her life any longer? Does it make you feel better about your selfish decisions?

You leave behind a son who is almost 14 but can't read or even write his own name and no one can do anything to help him because you filed religious exemption in the state of VA before you abandoned your family.

Now you have yet another daughter who has a chance at a fresh start and you and your ex her own father are going to scream the C word to try and get her to stay. Parents are suppose to take care of their children not the other way around.

You're fake. You're selfish. You're a liar. You both are. This isn't judgement it's an observation. It's truth.

No one is perfect but to knowingly continue to hurt your children is dead wrong. Both of you should be ashamed.

I pray the Lord open up doors to take them all out of both of your lives for good. Both of you should stop threatening everyone with your sob suicide stories and grow up.

If you are reading this please pray for this family. It's hard being so close to these children and sit idley by while their parents mentally destroy them. Even though two of these kids are of legal age the abuse continues. My heart cry is for it to STOP!

Enough rant. Sigh........

(If you feel that this relates to you then take it for what it's worth. There are no names here. My blog isn't to single anyone out. I take situations in my life and deal with them here. I have since 2007. This could apply to many in my life-it's not singled out to one family in general.)

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