July 24, 2013

A Beautiful Wednesday

I am babysitting my grandson Treyton this week. We've had so much fun. He's such a mess and isn't it crazy how they always say the sweetest things? He's growing up a storm. So fast I could cry. He's getting to that point that he tells me he is a big boy now. 3. A big boy. I have to smile. Little boys are so precious. I have another one coming in October. How I miss that newborn smell and sweet kisses. My Heaven is still working and still so sick. I feel so bad for her. Her belly has finally popped out. Up until this point she hasn't even really been showing. She's so little. They can't decide on a name. Of course, I am desperately trying to assist them! Ha!

Well, we are heading outside. The sun is shining brightly and the day awaits us. I praise the Lord for every blessing. Especially this beautiful day.

Update, we got the yard mowed! lol


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