January 25, 2007


I didn't know that was what it was called when I started it though. I just know that things were not running smoothly and something had to be done because I couldn't take much more. I cut off our cable a couple of years ago. I have T.V.'s but only for dvds that we own. I have every entertainment dvd in a box hidden. I allowed my girls to draw numbers to see who would go 1st, 2nd and 3rd and then each Saturday IF everything for the week is done withOUT attitude one movie is chosen out of the box. #1 the first week and so forth. The only movies available on our shelves are now spiritual or educational.

Each day the older two now set their clocks to get up at 9 o'clock. I think this is a very fair time, not too early ~ not too late. Fair. I leave instuctions on the dry erase board each day to tell them who needs to do what. They do those chores first. Sometimes I'm up already and if I am I have some quiet time to pray, read or whatever else I may need to do but often times I'm not and they let me sleep in. I tend to be somewhat of a night owl and I enjoy the house at night when everyone else is asleep. Now if we are sick or have Dr.s appointment we have to make acceptions but when things are normal this is how we are operating.

School begins when chores are done so the time varies day to day depending on what chores are listed for that day. There is some school they can do without me and they know to start on this immediately if I am not available. We are into week 3 of this. If there is any rebellion including complaining, they lose music, computer and phone. Let me say that these activities are very limited they do not get free use of any of these. They are having to ask permission and when I grant it I also tell them how long they have. I expect yes mam the first time. My 5yo is having the hardest time adjusting because I haven't trained her this way and she is forgetful, but the other day when she didn't say yes mam first thing, she tucked her head and said, Ah man...she knew it was quiet time in her room. Period. :)

Right now my 16 yo has no phone, no computer, no music, no company, no going anywhere. I almost feel sorry for her. I am hoping dh agrees she can come off tomorrow. I am very tender hearted and this has not been easy on me by any means but it works and it beats screaming all the time. We have peace, a clean house and are completing our school. They are actually learning to get along with one another and like school (better). Really!

It was this or my sanity. I wish I had done it years ago. Consistency IS the key.

We are very relaxed in our school (except for my 16yo) we focus on the 3R's, Bible and are doing a mini-study lap book of New World Explorers. My 11yo doesn't like writing or reading by the way. If you ask her if she likes school she will tell you NO. But she is doing her work and doing it without complaining to me. I think they prefer school to chores now though! Once obedience comes natural I will ease on the chores some. We will see.

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