January 29, 2007

One perfect day last week

I'm trying to get the hang of blogging so I'm a little behind, lol! I should have blogged this the day it happened but it slipped my mind so here it is.....

Did you ever just have the *best* homeschool day ever?

Our days homeschooling have been so productive and fun lately. Ever since I went into boot camp with the girls life in general has been so good.

Today though was simply a blessing. We started out our day with Teaching With God's Heart For The World. We talked about missionaries and other less fortunate countries. We talked about God's word and His plan for us. We prayed. We had a huge breakfast. Then we came back and prayed again for specific ministries and a special mission family the Lord has led us to know. We prayed for a good friend of mine from another board who is battling cancer. We took turns praying and hearing my 11 and 5yo pour out their hearts to God was precious.

Then we started school. Meadow done her math and bible. Sky and I done her SWR, and New World Explorers. Both girls are working on brochures for the new land they just founded! This has taken them hours but they are getting along and working together. Not to mention their projects look great! It is now 5:30 and Sky still has math and a few other things to do but no-one is complaining.

This is what I've always dreamed! God is so good.

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