April 28, 2009

30 Hour Famine -1

Our Famine was a great success. We had a total of 39 kids turn out. I was impressed and amazed at the determination of youth to complete the fast. We had children ranging in ages of 5-20. We encouraged those under 12 to eat at certain intervals and we had some that refused, even some of the youngest ones and I was simply awed. We raised a total of 1048.50 that was split 50/50 between World Vision and HWC's A Can can Make a Difference-that feeds families here in our own community. God worked wonders and doubled blessings. Our goal was $500.

What touched me even more than the money raised was our youth. They split into 4 tribes on Friday night and went out into our community and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with numerous souls. They laid hands on people and prayed for healing. They prayed over businesses and our economy. Their hearts were so pure and they were so BOLD in Jesus Christ that we as adults pale in comparison.

I want to thank each of you for lifting us up in your prayers. They were answered. I am going to be sharing our Famine in numerous posts. The events were just too grand to stuff into one post.

We started our famine off weeks before it got here with prayer, watching dvds and building crosses. The crosses represented those who have already lost their lives due to poverty and starvation. We didn't complete the 1208 that represent how many lives are lost every hour but we did finish 450 and plan to finish the rest before next year.


Alicia said...

How awesome is our God!!? I can't wait to hear more. I love that the kids were witnessing to people how amazing :)

Anonymous said...

The 30 hour Famine was a life changing experience for not only the children, but for me as well. When I saw those children fasting and stuck to it, even though it was hot and they were tired...it touched me and made me look at my walk with the Lord and what do I sacrifice for God. Also one of the young guys ( I think he is 20) touched me in such away. God used this young man, to help me quit smoking. I fasted smoking and made it through the fast. Now Satan has been on me every since, and yeah I slipped a few times, but Im getting there. If the Famine had not happened, when, if ever would I have gotten to this point. Jennifer, I know your battling, but God so used you and Tony to make this happen. All the hard work you put into it and look. Seeds were planted all over this past weekend. Thank you my friend for obeying God. Rest in his arms and allow his beautiful peace to fill you up.Worship like you never have before, praise him until you are so full that you want to scream from the roof tops. I love you my friend and I am here. God Bless You,