April 9, 2009

Early Easter Presents-New Pets

The girls wanted a new pet for Easter. We thought about chicks, ducks and rabbits but the care and the size of those kept throwing me off. Now, they really wanted another dog but I just couldn't see it. Roxy is a hand full and I really didn't want another animal that had freedom in my home. I really enjoy our fish and our hamster, mainly because they stay in their homes! I don't mind the maintenance as I am the one who does the care on them.

The other night we watched the best movie. It was called,"Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler. They had a guinea pig named Bugsy and I'll tell ya even though he was animated I simply fell in love with the little fella.

So began our journey.

I began asking questions and was amazed to find what G-R-E-A-T pets they make. How they LOVE being held and having lots of time spent with them. How they bond to their caregivers and they are NOT likely to bite. I read and studied and couldn't find one drawback.

Yesterday we headed to Roanoke and went to the Petsmart. They had 9 females to choose from. Danville only had 3 males and I was sure we wanted females. The girls were so excited! Meadow chose one and Sky chose one. I had read that the BEST toy to buy a Guinea Pig is another Guinea Pig so this is why we choose two.

I also studied cages and the room that they need to flourish and decided the best route to go would be to build their cage. Then Tony reminded me that we had a huge dog cage downstairs that we weren't using and it would be perfect. All we have to do now is get a large piece of coroplast to put in the bottom. We temporarily have cardboard on the sides to help hold the bedding in. The dog cage has a plastic bottom so it'll be easy to clean.

I found out after buying our Guineas that the girls had chosen Abyssinians. Their hair grows in swirls all over their bodies and its really neither short nor long. We had thought when purchasing them that were long haired Guineas but we were wrong. Penny is tortoise and white Abyssinian and Sophie is white and copper Abyssinian. I LOVE the Peruvians and the Shelties but after searching online I found that they cost upwards of $100 and thats just too much for me right now.

At first when we got them home everyone was a little skittish with them and the Guineas were skittish with us. I was a little surprised after reading how much they loved human contact. They do, but you have to spend time with them for them to learn. Catching them is the hardest part! Once you have them in your hands they are fine and they love to snuggle.

Did you know that Guinea Pigs make squeally squeaky noises? I had no idea! In the pet store I thought I was hearing birds! I love hearing them purr and squeal. They say they do this when they are happy. Meadow has them out playing on my bed and everything! LOL! Tony is still a little hesitant but supportive just the same. I LOVE them. I'm having as much fun as the girls are. I am such an animal lover.

So....here they are.....

Meadow and Penny

Meadow and Sophie

Meadow and Sophie

Meadow and Penny



This is Penny. (Meadow's)

This is their home. Plenty big and Tony is going to build me a second story with a ramp running up to it. I can't wait!

Sky has gone to the beach with her girlfriend (very good friends of ours from our church) and will be gone for 5 days. It's been hard for me to let her go but I'm so happy for her at the same time. I know she'll be well taken care of and she'll have a blast. Keep her in your prayers for me. She'll be home next Tuesday.


Jen @ One Moms World said...

You are such a good mommy :). I don't know if I could have got them LOL. I'm sure they will make great pets though. I have heard a lot of good things about guinea pigs.

Staci said...

They look adorable! We just watched Bedtime Stories too, and loved Bugsy. But I think my little one will have to wait a year or two before we get a real one!