April 7, 2009

Brrr Where'd the Spring Go?

Its cold here! I can't believe it got so cold AGAIN! Last week I came down with strep. I have never had strep in my life and let me tell you it is NOT any fun at all. You see, pain and I do not get along in the least bit. I was ready to go to the hospital for the morphine drip. NO kidding. Just think of my dear husband and the girls and the whining they had to put up with while I was sick. Poor things.

Tony came home from work early Friday and forced me to go to the doctor. I wasn't going to go because as I said, I've never had strep before. My family has numerous times and I care for them all the while NEVER EVER EVER coming down with it myself. I thought I was immune. Huh! Fat chance. They reminded me of the times that I had told them to stop whining.....and that it couldn't be THAT bad. Sigh....

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't swallow, all I could do was suffer. The doctor gave me a shot and I figured I would be better by Friday night. I wasn't. Saturday, noppers, Sunday still running a fever. Sheesh! Yesterday and today I have *felt* better as in no more pain but where in the world is my energy?!? I've been looking for it everywhere but it has yet to return.

Of course with strep you can't diet. Oh and forget exercising. So...it looks like I've been set back a week or so.

Can I ask for your prayers? That I can get back on track SOON!

Thanks ladies. I never ever ever want this stuff again and if you've ever had it, you have my sympathies.


Sky said...

Aww mommy, I don't mind taking care of you...even if you are a little whiney! LOL!

Alicia said...

I'm glad to hear that your feeling much better. Strep is really bad, I get whiney with just a little bit of sore throat. I will be praying for you to get back on track A.S.A.P :)