April 29, 2013

April is Almost Gone

I've gotten lost in the month. The beautiful weather, sunshine, smell, rain, coolness, warmth, sunning, bonfires, friends, family, children, dinners, appointments.... ah life.

How I've enjoyed the past few weeks. It's so pleasant being able to spend each day however I wanted. I've been reading books, so many books and watching movies-not as many movies but I can say that Les Miserables is next on my list of movies to watch late at night all alone. I can't wait.

I'm teetering between beginning school in June or beginning school in September. I do believe I'll end up going with June. It'll be a much quicker graduation date. I've sat back and thought through so many things and I know that I have to do this. It's in me to be a nurse. The desire is so strong.

Tony and I are doing amazing. This year, very soon, will be our 20th year Anniversary. I believe that this year has been one of our very best. The happiness we feel is thick, you can smell it, feel it, lay in it like a soft cloud. It's fun. We have been just relishing one another. I love it when things are like this. After 20 years I know it isn't like this all the time, but we've both noticed this precious time we are spending together and are both determined to hold onto it for as long as we can.

My life is so full of children again. My sweet Treyton and Derron. My best friend Mandy's little boy Brody, and daughter Ella. Everything around me so serene.

Tony and I were talking about how badly we'd wanted more children. How hard we'd tried to have them, and in the end learning that God had other things in store for us. I couldn't be happier. At 41 and chasing all these young ones around I KNOW that I do not want to be a mother full time. But that being a Mimi is the sweetest of all worlds.

Tony and I have time to be alone, date, party, have fun together, praise God together, to live. And yet, our lives are still full of littles everywhere. It's not so exhausting.

I cannot wait until October this year and I get to meet my new little grandbaby. Oh to smell that babies breath. My favorite of all things.

April. One of the sweetest months. It's flew right by. And May is just around the corner.

May. Another warm month. Another month of free time for this Mimi.


One of my favorite things is having flowers in my hair. This poem brings such a smile to my lips.

All early in the morning
I rose to greet the day,
And underneath my window
I saw a Child at play.
The robins were not fearful
Of one so mild and meek;
They lighted on His shoulder
And nested at His cheek.
He picked the clustering roses,
The lily in its sheath,
The long-stemmed purple violets,
And wove them in a wreath.
And then I saw a Lady
Come walking in the dew;
Her robe was white as starshine,
Her mantle was deep blue.
And as the Child approached her,
All sweetly she knelt down
And bent her head, receiving
His fragrant, flowery crown.
Helen Connolly
The Magnificat. Volume LXVI. Number 1. May 1940

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