April 9, 2013

Guess What!

I am going to be a MiMi again! 


Debra Seiling said...

Congratulations, Jenileigh! Being a grandparent is the best and now you will have another special blessing from God!!!

Debbie Seiling

Debra Seiling said...

Dear Jenileigh,
You have been on my mind so much lately. I haven't been getting on my computer the last couple of weeks. I hope all is going well. If not, I feel strongly that God will get you through whatever is going on and lead you in the direction that He wants for you.

I am really glad that you are part of my Pinterest Community Boards. I'm going to send you invitations to the other two I have, in case those interest you.

I want to give you my home email, in case you ever get in contact with me. seiling@att.net Please put something in the subject line like for Debbie or something like that. Since I've not been getting on the computer much, my husband lets me know when there's emails for me to read. He can't easily identify emails for me otherwise.

Take care,
Debbie Seiling