January 6, 2009

I'm pooped

I woke up this morning to Meadow and Sky arguing. Ugh! Sky left quickly with Heaven to go to their dress fitting. I knew Meadow and I would have a free day today to catch up on a few school things and I wanted to do the birds nest project we had kept putting off. I decided first that we would go out together and get a bite to eat.

I had this wonderfully bliss picture in my mind of the two of us bonding.


I'm sure that we bonded in some strange way just not in the way I had imagined.

Meadow insisted on eating at the Mexican Restaurant, I really wanted breakfast at Tex but I give and we went Mexican. Meadow loves their cheese dip, she ordered a lunch special and a cheese dip. The waiter never brought the cheese dip. The food was ready really fast, no wait at all, and her plate was covered in cheese. I decided that I wouldn't tell him and I'd save the $3. Meadow had a fit. She ate all of her cheese and most of her plate. I knew from experience that she usually eats one or the other but never both. She kept nagging me to ask the waiter for her dip. I told her no. She refused to eat another bite. We got a to go box and left. (On the way out I bought her a sucker.)

I mentioned stopping to get some ice cream on the way home but she was angry and said no way. We had gotten about half way home and she decided she wanted the ice cream. Since I was coming up on the stop light at Wendy's I pulled in. I had coupons to get free frosties. In the drive through after I had placed the order Meadow says, "What? Frosties?!!! You SAID ice cream! Frosties isn't Ice Cream! I want ICE CREAM!........and you KNOW that a frosty isn't ICE CREAM"


I haven't a clue what world I was in today but I should have kept her frosty and went home and given her a time out or grounded her or something. I told her she was ungrateful and that it would have been nice to have had a thank-you instead of me having to hear her fuss all day long.

She said this, "Well, if you'll tell me you are sorry you didn't ask him for MY cheese dip, I'll tell you I'm sorry."

You know what I did?

Yep, I told her I was sorry that the waiter didn't bring her the cheese dip but that I was trying to save money.

Tony asked me if I'd lost my mind.

I don't know what got into me today but I do know one thing. I've raised a very spoiled child.

I watched her walking through my front door with her pretty rain coat on, frosty in her hand and sucker stuck down in her frosty. It would have been a very pretty picture if there would have been a smile on her face instead of that smirk that stated loudly, "My mom hasn't a clue what she is doing and I Meadow, am grown at the age of 7 and way more intelligent than my mommy."

Later she did, on her own, come and apologize to me. I can't tell you how thankful I was, because whatever it was that went with me today, it wasn't my little girl. It was an imposter I tell you! An imposter. I think its name is "CONTROL FREAK."

Lord I pray, you show me the way......


Alicia said...

I must confess I'm a bit spoiled and can totaly relate to Meadow. Especialy with food, and my husband calls me an ice cream snob because dairy queen doesn't count as ice cream.....hehe

annie said...

I had a showdown with amanda at target when she was little. She threw the biggest fit for some little something and I remember leaving our basket and carrying her out with nothing while she screamed her head off... I knew then and there I had raised a spoiled little girl and that I had bought her something everytime we went anywhere. I stopped all buying then and there. It was always a no. No matter what. It took a while but she came out of it and didn't expect so much. I have noticed when the kids get more stuff they act more spoiled instead of more grateful. It doesn't make sense to me? But, I think that is a way I show love... to buy things. I read the five love languages and I immediately realized I show love by giving things. Anyway, I'm way off track... I think sometimes our kids just act like that and then it goes away. I would probably have pulled out of wendys with a frosty for myself only and ignored the complaints.

Jesus, My Best Friend said...

thanks ... i miss u too jenileigh. i truly appreciate your Prayers and your friendship!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Stopping by to say thanks for saying hi recently. I'm SOO behind on visiting all of my bloggy friends. I'm hoping to be better about visiting in 2009.

Have a great week! I'm down with a cold. But rejoicing inside because of the wonderful retreat weekend I just had.


Anonymous said...

I tagged you my dear!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Big (((HUGS)))... I think we all as moms have been there some time or another. I think you handled it really well. Breathe in and Breath out :)