June 20, 2012


At the end of 28 days I've lost a total of 15lbs. Originally I had set a goal of 30 lbs for my 90 day goal. I simply cannot believe I've manged to lose 15lbs in the first month of my challenge.

I'm feeling amazing! The energy feels like a new me given a new life. My friends are feeling the same way. Tonight I walked 2 miles with a close friend and she has lost 5lbs in her first 7 days of her 90 day Challenge. I am feeling so good that I honestly think I could pull another 2 right now, but I'm easing in and playing it safe. I certainly don't want to over do it and jeopardize my ability to exercise.

God is so good to me.  Here is a small encouraging devotional for those fighting the battle of weight.

What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 1st Corinthians 6:19

As Christians, we believe that God dwells within us. Our bodies become His home, and it makes sense that we should try to make His surroundings as nice as possible. The temple of God in Israel was kept immaculately clean and pure. Only the clean and holy of men were allowed to enter it. It was revered by all. The temple was the most holy and special place of all.  When we are told that our bodies are the temple of God, it is not an option whether or not to take care of it; it is a duty. When we care for our physical being, we are making God's temple a holy and special place. 

Today's Thought: We diet not only for ourselves, but for God! 

I have a devotional book for dieters that this came from. This is very encouraging scripture. What I remind myself of as I am getting healthy is not to focus on how I look. It's not about outward appearance but to focus on keeping my temple pure and holy. Part of being pure and holy is being physically fit. The body that God created to house our spirits is a marvelous thing. In our day and time so many forget this because of gluttony. I really feel that in America over eating is our biggest problem with unhealthy eating coming in a close second. We have forgotten to listen to the signals our bodies send to tell us when we are full. We stuff ourselves until we've taught our bodies that nothing less will satisfy. This is what I am working on. Portion control and making healthier choices, exercises and getting my vitamins in everyday twice daily with my shakes. It's been a month and not once have I said, "Oh no, not another shake." Everyday I continue to look forward to my simple, quick, great tasting meal replacements. They are so satisfying and delicious and I feel like a new person. 

If you decide you are up for the Body by Vi 90 Challenge below is the link to get you there. Remember, this isn't a sales pitch. I'm real and this is my journey! I can't wait to put up my after pics at the end of my 90 days! God Bless You! 

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