June 28, 2012


I am so blessed. I feel so wonderful. Even after a cycle. WOW. Usually I'm down for a couple of days but not this month. My weight loss sits at 15lbs but that is fine. My tops that were too tight are fighting comfortably again. My pants are beginning to bag. I feel the loss even when the scale doesn't show it.

I'm also walking. I'm doing 2 miles several nights a week. I'm pushing through.

I'm eating healthier-not all healthy-I still have some junk and not so good for you foods here and there but I'm changing as much as I can by making small changes.

I love the shakes. I was really concerned that after a month or so I'd begin to tire of them but I don't. I get creative with the shakes. I make so many different flavors. I'm excited to reach the end of my 90 days so that I can have my blood work redone to see how much my levels come up.

Real results when you follow the challenge. I can't wait to post my before and after photos! Join me today!

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