June 27, 2012

Ethiopia Still

Savannah is doing well. She has experienced some attacks physically. She had an allergic reaction to something, she passed out one day from dehydration, she's been sick some. BUT spiritually Savannah is on fire! Cover her with your prayers. God is working so many miracles. This momma is missing her baby girl too. I know how selfish that is but I want to hear her voice, hug her neck, and kiss her cheeks. I am not use to her being gone for so long. 2 months is a long time. 2 weeks fly. One month seems like a long time but when that one month comes to an end, you are only half way in. The Lord has led Tony and I into deep prayer once so far-not that we aren't praying daily-but this was warfare. Serious intercession. It's exhausting emotionally but its so intimate with the Lord. I know my Savannah belongs to HIM and I trust Him with her. I appreciate everyone's prayers!

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