February 1, 2013

The Need for Net, Will You Help?

One of the most frequent health problems we face here in Uganda is carried through a mosquito.  

It causes chills, fever, and body aches.

Many people are affected by the disease and would be able to tell you in detail how miserable it is.


Although many times it is easily managed and treated,
there are times when it causes life-long damage or even death.

Children who were once normal may now experience
cerebral palsy-type symptoms, being unable to walk
or even talk for the rest of their lives.

Some who went to school and excelled
may now struggle and fall behind due to mental delays.
These are real children who's faces we know
and we call them by name.

This year, Amazima is saying ENOUGH to Malaria.
Our aim is to provide enough mosquito nets to every family 
in our sponsorship program so that none of them have to be 
exposed while they sleep to the risk of malaria. 

Will you help us?

Our goal is to raise money for 400 mosquito nets; 
enough for one mosquito net for every two children in each sponsored family.  

One net costs around $7.  

Think about that.  

Seven dollars that will protect two kids for years to come.  Whether you can provide one net or one hundred nets, we can assure you that it will make a difference to the ones we work with and love so dearly. To say "enough" to malaria, click HERE and designate your gift towards Medical Care.* 

 This is me Jenileigh now. Everyone that knows me knows that I have a heart for Uganda. Savannah Sky spent a month there. While reading on Amazima today I read this. I'm passing it along for those eyes that may come across my page, that do not cross theirs. Please read the post below and please find a way in your heart to donate $7 for to protect two children from malaria. Post and share with me if you do. I can do so little right now being in school full time and living on one income but this week I am going to donate $21. That will be enough to protect 6 children.  I pray the Lord leads and guides your heart to help protect these precious children. And if you cannot give PRAY! I'd also love to hear from you if you pray for them. May God bless you each greatly and multiply your gift back to you two fold! 

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