February 19, 2013

Over and Over

It's strange that everytime I say that this is THE hardest week, it isn't. It's just the hardest week up to that point. Everytime I think it can't get worse it can. I'd convinced myself I was too far behind to catch up this time. Not behind because I'm not working and studying, but behind because I simply cannot score high enough on my tests.


The frustration is indescribable. I get 100's on quizzes, 95's on Case Studies, but I can't pass a stinking test.

Double UGH!

I've got to do something different. I'm reading, studying, writing, making flash cards, everything I know to do. Those questions kill me.

I had done my math wrong though and I'm still in the game.

Very in the game.

God reminded me once again. It is not through me that I do this. It is through HIM!

I feel much better now. The week is winding down and in two weeks I'll have spring break and a whole entire week off. Ahh.......

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