February 6, 2013

Love is so Sweet

With all of the stress of my life each day it's wonderful to have a day that goes so well. I've made it through 3 of my 4 days of school this week. Definitely not an easy week but it's almost over. This evening I come home and have the most wonderful fellowship with my family. Time spent with Meadow until she went to church and then Tony and I really enjoyed each other's company. Sadly it had been a while since we were able to sit and talk and just laugh and goof off.

It was nice. More than nice...I just don't have words.

In RN nursing school you honestly don't have a life outside of studying. It really makes you appreciate those sweet moments in between.

I've also been working on building my blog up. After going back and reading past posts, it really made me appreciate my accounts of our life. I think I'm doing pretty good with everything I have going on.

I have another quiz in the morning and another test next week. So... short and sweet. it's been a good week.

And an especially good night.....

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