December 28, 2012

It's Friday Night, I Guess that Makes Alright.....

You're daggone right it does! Friday night. We had dinner date plans to go to Mexican and then on to Honduras to hear our sweet friend Marcie sing. But, as the time drew near for me to get ready and I sat here on my comfy couch, under my soft, warm, heating blanket-a gift from my dear hubby-the chill in the air convinced me that we needed to stay in tonight. Thankfully, Tony felt the same way. So here we sit at home together in our nice warm den watching T.V, me blogging and waiting on our take out from Mexican. Now that's a dinner date. Kiddos are out and about and the house is quiet. That is something you really come to appreciate when your youngest-3rd child- is 11.

Winter time.

Christmas break.





God is so good to me.

Thank-You Father. Thank-You for Friday nights. Alone at home with the hubby.

I don't think there could be a better date night, in the cold winter.......

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