December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had an awesome Christmas. Wonderful family time. This year we had a new appreciation for each other. It's hard without Nannie and Papa West. It's so different. But I looked around the room and seen their legacy. Such a huge legacy. Then I looked at sweet Landri and my heart was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the Lord's healing touch. I'm so thankful for every member of our family, and every spouse, and every friend. I'm thankful for every moment, every memory. I cherish my time with them.

Yes, Christmas was awesome this year.

I've enjoyed my off time thoroughly. It took me a few days to wind down. I was so stressed coming out of last semester. I have a lot of peace going into this one. I do have a lot of studying to do which will commence on Saturday.

2012 held many events for us.

I was accepted to nursing school. Savannah Sky spent a month in Ethiopia and a month in Uganda. She also graduated. A whole year early. Who would have ever dreamed? Landri was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then healed, never having to go through radiation. Tony and I enjoyed our 19th Anniversary. Heaven turned 22, Savannah Sky turned 17, Meadow turned 11 and my sweet Treyton turned 2.

I'm really looking forward to 2013.

I have some Christmas pictures but Meadow's camera is missing in action. Hopefully it'll turn up soon.

Looking forward to the New Year!

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