December 29, 2012

Sleepy Saturdays

This semester my escape has been Dawson's Creek. We've never had cable television and never watched a lot of T.V. We do however have Netflix. So, I decided to find a old show that was complete that I could watch alone and on my time. The one draw back that I found with this was that I would often escape to Dawson's Creek when I could have been studying more. I knew that I really needed to finish the seasons before school went back next week.

 I stayed up until 4 a.m. finishing it last night. The last three episodes of their last season, season 6, were so good. I cried for over an hour while watching. It was so bittersweet because once I'd finished the show there was like a piece of me was gone. I was happy with the ending though. Very satisfied.

I slept in today and Tony being such a sweet man came to wake me around 12. My sleeping schedule over the holidays reminds me of my homeschooling schedule. I always revert back to my night owl lifestyle when left to my own free will. It has its pros and cons. Tony fixed me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Savannah had her friends spend the night last night. Her boyfriend came over today and we all watched movies together. I fell asleep in the floor, under my heating blanket, and just woke up. It's 7 pm. Talk about a wonderful nap. I slept hard.

Lazy, sleepy Saturdays.

I love them.

Laid back, nothing to do, surrounded by family and friends.

Hmmmm and now I'm hungry.

Starving in fact.

I think I need to send the kiddos out for more take out.


Thank-God for Sleepy Saturdays.

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