March 20, 2012

My heart is Swelling

My heart is swelling. Swelling with thankfulness. I thank God not only for every good thing in my life which is everything but also for every bad thing that I've ever been through or that has ever happened to me. I've done bad in my life as well. I know what I've been, I know what I am, and I know what I want to be. Today I read this:
Anyone who looks at themselves honestly knows they have nothing to offer God. It’s what God offers us that changes things. ~Not a Fan
How true I know this is. I am nothing without Christ. My mind and my flesh is so selfish. It's not that I try to be selfish or that I want to be. It's just the way I've been. I'm tired of that. I want to give. God is giving me a vision and it's so beautiful.

One day at time, one step at a time, it's coming.

Savannah Sky's mission trip has reawakened my soul and my desire to serve. Right now, missions in terms of third world countries, is not something that is possible for me. But I don't have to wait to serve. I am serving now, every day, every person, every thing, every prayer. My heart is so full. It's been so long. Way too long. I'm on fire. Big things are going to happen. They aren't going to happen because of me. I'll have nothing to do with it actually. God is moving. His time. His plan.

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.
I adore You, perfect, faithful God.
You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from heat.
I adore You God, my refuge, my shelter, my hiding place.
On this mountain the Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine - the best of meats and the finest of wines.
I adore You, extravagant, gift-lavishing Father.
On this mountain He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers nations; He will swallow up death forever.
I adore you Oh, God! Our redeemer and Savior!
The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; He will remove the disgrace of His people from all the earth.
I adore you, Oh God my comfort, the lifter of my head.
In that day we will say, "Surely this is our God; we trusted Him and He saved us! This is the Lord, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation."
I adore You, Lord, my trustworthy, promise-keeping Savior.
          ~Katie Davis

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