March 28, 2012

Getting Ready for Bed

I have a Human Anatomy and Physiology Exam coming up. I've been studying all week. Late nights make for tired days and headaches but I know that the studying will pay off. I have really stuck to my plan of putting more time into my school work and my grades are proving it. Not much longer now. A mere 5 more weeks until the end of this semester! I'm so excited!

I am also on pins and needles to hear from the college on whether or not I'm accepted to the RN program. We won't hear anything until April and it feels like years even though it's barely days away. I know that God's will - will be done. So, accepted or declined, I march forward. I still plan a full summer of classes either way and I will reapply in the Fall if I am declined. I like the anticipation. I love setting goals for myself. During my homeschooling years, I would always set goals for the girls but somehow, it never occurred to me to set big goals for myself. I'm enjoying it. I know the Lord is going to use this goal in the missions field and the excitement is often hard to contain. Not my time Lord but YOURS. Patience and perseverance is what I'm learning. Pushing in and pushing forward. Running this race.

It's 6:30 am in Uganda as I write this tonight. I am preparing for bed and for another day at work, more studies, more people to pray over, another day with my family and they-the people of Uganda- are just waking up. Or waking up soon. They are forever on my heart. I pray tonight for the Lord to prepare the way for Savannah on this missions trip. I pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the people of Uganda and for this ministry team heading their way this summer. I pray the Lord grow this team and change these teens. A forever change. I pray that the Lord continue to build the pathway that is leading us to help those in Uganda. I pray that the Lord anoint our hands and feet. That souls be harvested, tummies be fed, and bodies be held. Yes, held. How I long to hug those people.

I have opportunity to serve everyday. Everyday in the dentist office the Lord reveals a lonely soul, someone I can bless with His love through a hug or a smile. He reveals needs and opportunity as I lay hands on patients and pray quietly. While the Dr. assesses their need - my Father is fulfilling it. I love that the Lord uses us mightily wherever we are. No work is small work in God's business.

Yet, I feel this calling.

If you are reading this intercess for Uganda tonight. I pray that you hear and know the path the Lord has set before you. One step at a time. One day a time. In the right direction.

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