January 3, 2013

Jumbled Brain

Too much information smashed into one little head already. And today was only Medi Tech training for the COWs (computers on wheels) at the hospital I will be training in. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I love going to the book store and picking up new supplies for this semester. Thankfully all my books were purchased last semester so my needs list was very short. I picked up several study guides and I read them all tonight. I'm so thankful for these. They will slip right into my binders and make for great little reminders when you know something but it's just not coming to you.

Studying is what I'm doing. I'm continuing to plunge through my 30 sum page chapter in Fundamentals on medication administration, practicing drug dosage math and prereading my Pharmacology. It's going to be one doozie of a semester.

Last semester I worked in the nursing home, I'm so looking forward to working in the hospital. Lots of exciting things coming.

Heaven and I are going to the Farmer's Market in the morning. I haven't been in a long while and I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies they have.

Sky and her friend Becca cleaned out my classroom today so I'm going to put some time into painting and "redressing" the room into my study for nursing school. Lots of goodies coming for it. I also plan to distress a China Hutch that belonged to my long lost Nannie West this spring. I'm going to incorporate some earthy toned colors with accents of aqua and different hues of blue. Blue is my favorite color. Sapphire is my birthstone. I'm going to make Meadow a little nook (corner) for her sewing machine, supplies and new goodies she got for Christmas. It feels good to have this little project under way. I'm so happy with my home. I've got my bedroom exactly like I wanted it, my kitchen is done, and the den is done. So now on to my new study.

I use to want to move to badly. I always felt as though this house belonged to my mother in law. It took years for it to feel like home. We've been planted here since 1997. That is a long time to live in one place. I remember our years of renting and house hopping and it makes me even more grateful for our home. I love it here. The peaceful homey feeling. It's not perfect but it's our perfectness in it's own way.

I've built up a lovely collection of gorgeous red dishes. Some Paula Deen some not. My kitchen has one wall that I paint every so often when I bore of the colors. I started off with a Biltmore Estate shade of purple. It lasted about a year and I was ready for a change. I went with the bricky looking Paula Deen red and I love it so much all we have to do is touch it up. I have had no desire to change it since we've had it done. It's a cool shade. I have a curtain with a coffee house theme and it has the same bricky red and a touch of aqua in it. I'm really excited to bleed that aqua over into my study. It's going to be a great blend.

I have to say my favorite thing in our home is our fireplace. For years it was covered up by a board. I never understood why. Then one day inspiration hit me and I pulled that board down and cleaned and cleaned that fireplace. We carpeted that room and painted it a coffee creamer color and then added gas logs to the fireplace. Stunning it is. There is an old hand built fireplace mantel that adds just the right personality.

Meadow wants to go to Kmart when she gets home tomorrow to pick up some clothes. She wants colored jeans. I can't believe those things are back in! It's so 80's! I have to laugh. I remember those days. Even now I just don't care for colored jeans.

I sure love me some cow girl boots though! These are the ones Tony got me for Christmas......

I love them. They are Corrals and they are so comfortable. I've tried on everything from Ariats, Tony Lamas, and Old Gringos. Let me tell you, nothing compares to these. The soft feel of leather and notice the square toe. They are amazing. Only a few styles come with the square toe. I plan on ordering another pair in February that have some aqua in them. I haven't decided if I'm going to do all aqua or just accented aqua. I love them all. :) I highly doubt the aqua ones I've been looking at are square toed though. I'll have to go with pointed toes on those.

Well, I think I've rambled long enough. I've talked on just about any and everything just jumping around on no particular theme-oh yes- that's right- Jumbled Brain! That's okay though, my life is just like that, I love it that way. Never boring.

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