January 10, 2013

Another Day Down

Ugh, I'm so exhausted. I have had a stomach ache and felt just bad today, an ache has been in the back of my head, not a real headache but a presence of one. It made for a long day. Too long. I can't describe in words how bad my legs ache and how glad I am to finally be home.

After I got home from school I had to go to the Dr. That took until 7:30 and then I'd promised Meadow a trip to Kmart to buy some new colored jeans, so we ate at Subway and then went shopping. I didn't realize how early Kmart closes so we had all of 20 minutes! lol But honestly, that was all we needed. She found what she wanted and we made it home before 10 pm.

Yesterday, while I was in class I had a phone call from Meadow's school. I had to leave the classroom to take the call. Turns out she'd thrown up at school and I had to make arrangements for her to get home. I hope I'm not getting that.

Ah yes, I did have to go to my lab instructor and talk about my skills. I did take too long on one of them so I get a retake next Wednesday.

Tomorrow is my operating room tour! I'm excited but praying I feel better!

So, it's off to bed I go tonight.

Sleep tight blog world. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

(I haven't forgotten that I need to share pictures of my desk and computer, I'll get to that this weekend!)

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