January 6, 2013


Now the room still isn't finished but boy has it come a long, long way. I am still awaiting my computer desk, computer, and little surprise. But, here is the room so far.

First I am going to start with my grandmother's China Hutch. I've had this for a long time and have wanted to do something creative with it but didn't feel I had it in me to do it. I'm at a place now that I'm not afraid of making mistakes and I'm ready to be creative. I plan to sand this down and paint it a brick reddish color and distress it. I'm thinking I'll start this project in the spring. (Ignore Tony's equipment. We are in the process of making a new home for it. hee hee)

We've had this mirror forever, I'm trying to be a little creative with it. Above the picture is an oil painting hanging that my good friend Missy Cummings painted for me. It says: Romans 8:28 "And we know that all the work together for good to them that love God." I'm not sure about the sheer curtain. I have another one identical to it, so there is a possibility that I may change this up. (Tony and Meadow have their guitars in here too!) 

We cleaned up this corner well. I've downsized my homeschooling shelves and books. Meadow has a neat little work place here. Notice her One Direction posters on the wall. She has her own desk for homework and her own shelves (that you can't see for the guitar case) that she will store her sewing machine and supplies on. 

The color doesn't show here but the wall is a bright aqua and I have a lot of neat little things to add that will blend this bricky red color with it. I love these curtains. I bought them years ago from J.C.Penney when I was homeschooling. The table and chairs here are going to go when I find the perfect love seat, chaise lounge or oversized chair and ottoman. I think that will give them room more of a study feel. 

Here is the wall that my desk will go against. We debated not using my large map but I love it so much we decided to go ahead and make it a part of the room. Oh and notice the carpet remnant! Isn't it huge and nice? I love it. It's beautiful and great quality and feels wonderful under your bare feet. Oh and there is my dear hubby playing his guitar. :)

I will post more pictures later this week after we get my desk and computer set up. I'm very well pleased with my room. It's still plain, and it will be a process of adding little things along the way, I look forward to it.

Happy Sunday! I'm going to study.

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