January 2, 2013

Special Moments

Today was a day of special moments. I get to keep Treyton for Heaven at least once a week. Today she went back to work so it was my day. He was a sweet heart all day. Of course he always is, but today was different. We spent so much time together, laughing, playing, goofing off. He was exhausted by nap time. He never resisits his naps. This in itself is a blessing.

How I remember the arguments and crying fits with my girls. Those were special moments too. :)

I hadn't intended to lay down with Trey but when he rolled over and laid that little head in the crease of my arm and touched his nose to my nose and closed his eyes I was mesmerized.

I was captured.

I couldn't move.

I took a breath, a long deep breath. I could smell his sweet babies breath.

Mmmmm, how refreshing. My all time favorite smell ever. The memories of my girls flooded me. Each one at different moments capturing my heart exactly like my little Treyton was doing right then and there.......How time flies.

I kissed his lips. He didn't move. I kissed them again. How sweet it was to be able to get his sugies without his protest of, "No more kisses MiMi!"

I cherished that moment. I took in every sound, every smell, every thing. The way my sheet and blanket wrapped around his sweet shoulders. The way he was lying on his side in my arms. The way his little chubby face was smooshed in my pillow.

Ah, another breath, another stolen kiss.


This was heaven.

There is NOTHING in this world like being a MiMi.

It's the greatest honor I know.

I decided I needed a nap too.

So I closed my eyes and slept with my grandson.

Thank-You Father for this answered prayer. I give You all the praise, honor and glory. I love You Father. You give me the greatest gifts. May I never forget the peace, the sweet baby smell, and the soft baby kisses from today.

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