January 5, 2013

Working on the Study

I mentioned redoing my front room for my nursing studies. I spent the better part of yesterday hunting down carpet and the perfect computer desk. It was a hard task. Heaven went with me. We had the best day.

We started locally and went to Granny's Attic. We spent a long time checking out antiques. I found one computer desk prospect. It's black. Not my favorite but it was sturdy and had a lot of potential.

Then we went into Martinsville and visited a new shop called Green Living Resale. It was a neat little shop with used and antique furniture. I found a lovely french style couch/loveseat that would fit perfectly in the study but I'm not willing to splurge for anything until I've gotten my computer desk. No such luck at Green Living Resale. We went to Big Lots, Walmart, K-mart, Office Max, Riverside Flea Market, and several other little furniture marts to no avail.

We did hit the jack pot at New York Carpetland and found the perfect carpet remnant. I haggled and got a wonderful deal on a 12 x 11 piece, just right for the study.

Finally, after leaving Lowe's and picking up a few painting supplies I needed we passed one tiny furniture place. We turned around and went back. I found the PERFECT desk. I fell in love. It is a pale, pastel, light green. The personality is bounding. Here is a picture:
This picture does not do it any justice nor does it show the perfect color. The features are perfect for me. The only drawback is that when I began this venture I vowed to do it on as little expense as possible. This little beauty would set me back quite a bit. The price tag was $879 and it was on sale at 40% off which would bring me to the grand total of $527.60. I've thought about offering her $439.50 which would be half, but the reality is, we really don't have it right now. She did however offer me layaway, which is very tempting. I came home and done a search on this desk, it's a Stanley Furniture piece and I found it online for $2079. Can you imagine? WOW, this makes me want this desk even more!!!

I however, came home empty handed. While I'm determined to stick to my original pact and find something sturdy at a steal - I cannot help secretly hoping I find a way to get this little gem above.

We came home and painted. I simply LOVE the color that we made from paints we had at home.
Today we are putting down the carpet. I'll update pictures in another post soon.

We are getting ready to head up to Granny's Attic and check out the black desk again. I'm going to get Tony's opinion on it and then I'll decide. If I do go with the dream desk option I'll be laying it away and I'll have to create a make shift desk until it's paid off. :)

I love house projects. My next tackle is going to be the basement. Just to empty it! .....

Happy Saturday!

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