January 5, 2013

Saturday Night Update

We worked on the study all evening. We cleaned it out and laid the carpet. It looks wonderful. I did a little tweaking and I can't wait to post pictures. Everything came together quick and nice.

We went back to Granny's Attic so that Tony could see the black desk that I had spotted Friday with Heaven. He made sure it was sturdy and he really liked it. For the price it's going to be ridiculous to try and wait for the other light green desk. So I'm going to go with the black one. I also found a neat surprise today to go with the desk but I'm not sharing until everything is in place!

The new computer should be here soon, so my completion date should be by the end of the week. Tony and I have really worked together well on this project. I would post a couple of pics of today's updates but I'm exhausted. I'll get to that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it'll be a long study day for me. School is back in session on Monday!

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