November 8, 2012

Small Miracles equal HUGE Miracles

I guess it depends on how you look at it. To me, it's the small things that lead up to the BIG things. I've struggled so hard this semester of RN School. I've tried not to complain. I know how blessed I am to be where I am. God has answered my every prayer.

I had two tests this week and they were doosies. One of my classes, Physical Assessment, has test and Assessment check offs. The check offs count for the same percentage as the test so even though some of my test scores have been lower than I'd prefer my Assessments have been ROCKIN and totally pulled my test averages up. My second class, Fundamentals, has Assessments but those don't count as grades-only pass or fail. This class by all means is TOUGH. The toughest I've encountered yet. It's not a class of facts. It's not black and white. You make Assessments, you evaluate situations, there are several right answers and you choose the BEST one. No black and white. Lots of gray. I don't like situations that are gray. I think too much with my analytical mind. I make things harder than they really are.

Today was once again one of those make it or break it days. I asked my dear husband for special prayer. In taking the test I was sick to my stomach. After the test I had peace. I felt as though the test wasn't as hard as I had thought it would be and this actually is not a good sign in these situations. I needed at least an 80 to stay in the game. An 85 would have pulled me out of the red.

I got a 73.

I started to walk out. To walk away. Knowing this grade would be near impossible to pull up. I was so upset and frustrated. I was so thankful that the peace came and I had a good friend the Lord sent me to encourage me and plead with me to wait it out. After all, I do still have two more tests. I CAN pull this up. Why give up and never know? Stay and give it all you've got.

 So I stayed.

I done my afternoon check off and came home. Then I checked the board for my test scores. I was stunned. I'm not sure why. We had prayed and it surprised me that God answered? After all of our test are entered certain questions are thrown out if no one gets them right. When I checked my grade it went from a 73 to a 79.

Oh Hallelujah!

Let me tell you, those are shouting numbers! God moved on my behalf. Slow and steady wins the race. Devotion. Dedication. Faithfulness. Finishing the race. Nothing is more important than finishing the race. If there is one thing I have learned this semester it is to plant your feet, hang on, and not to let go until you have completed the task.

God spoke volumes to me in this. And it applies in ALL areas of my life. The most important one being my walk with Him. I am singing His sweet praises this day. I am blessed beyond measure.

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